Our names are Dakota, Tara, and Snooki and we are the proud owners of The Four C's (Canine Country Club & Concierge). We have generous parents that gave us the funds to open a Country Club for dogs!!! Although we have each other, we want new friends, and lots of them! We want you to come here because we are friendly, we are clean, and our space is Pawsitively Pawesome (and we get sick of playing with each other)!!! Come in and meet us or read on…….

Dakota - Daycare Supervisor

So a little about me. I’m the oldest of the 3 (which is why I should be the CEO). I’m 11 years old. I was adopted by my dad when I was around 3 years old from Florida (right, this fur coat in the south? Somebody was trying to kill me). I attended the University of Hard Knocks, so I'm a little skittish with people, but not at all with dogs. I’m not an original sister to Tara and Snooki, but after my Dad and their Mom met, I had no choice but to share my dad with not just ONE female, but THREE. At first, I didn’t want to share him at all, but I gave it the old college try, and you know what…..it’s not really that bad. We are all close in size, so I can steal their leashes, collars, coats, (and toys, shhhhh, I lie and tell them they lost them!). I’m the innocent one. I will always plead the 5th even if you have proof, but it never flies with my mom…Dad, however, is a different story (I’m his princess). I’m camera shy and I’m not comfortable around people I don't know well, but I’m adorable!!! Since people give me anxiety, I got the role as Daycare Supervisor. I’ll be overseeing the operations on a day to day basis (but I’m still going to tell people I’m the CEO).

Tara – Enrollment Supervisor

I was adopted at 9 months old from my Mom and Dad (I have 2 dad’s, this is my first one) from a shelter in Methuen, MA. I just turned 10 years old on 1/6/18 (yes, I accept gifts, preferably treats). I’m the original oldest child (which is why I should be the CEO). I’m a very independent, athletic, tom boy. I can out run anything, even a greyhound and they used get paid to do that (I was in the wrong line of work I guess). I will do absolutely anything for food (I even lie and tell people my mom doesn’t feed me). I can show you how to use agility equipment and how to do commands like sit, paw, down and high five, but only if I’m rewarded with food. My motto is NO food, NO tricks!! So please show up with treats!!! In Feb 2011, I became a big sister AND…….ever since, I’ve been praying to be an only child again!!! She was this tiny, little, 6 week old squirt who stole my bones, toys, the bed, blankets, and attention, but at the end of the day, I love her and can’t imagine my life without her now. Then a couple of years ago, we got another dad and a sister. At first, I was like no way Jose, but after a month or so, I told mom she could keep both of them!!! I love people, so unlike my older sister, I was given the Enrollment Supervisor position. I will be the meet and greeter specialist (but I’m still going to tell people I’m the CEO).

Snooki – Activities Supervisor

Well as you figured out, I'm the youngest of 3 (which is why I should be the CEO, the baby gets EVERYTHING right?). I was born December 18th, 2010 so I just turned 7. I was adopted at 6 weeks old and I was the tiny, little, 6 week old squirt who STILL steals bones, toys, the bed, blankets, and attention my older sister mentions above..... but she's used to it, so she can stop complaining now. Dakota, on the other hand, complain away!!! We just moved in with Dakota, so I'll allow her about 12 months to get over it. Haha, lol, I'm the baby!!! I'm a very happy-go-lucky girl with LOTS and LOTS of energy. I will play ball until it's dark out and I can't find it, but then I'll get a glow in the dark ball and make you play more. I listen very well, pay attention, and will do anything WITHOUT TREATS, so no need to bring treats, but I shamefully admit that I don't share my ball very well. I know, I know...one flaw...not everyone is perfect you know!!! I love people, kids, dogs, but mostly I love the tennis ball and since that clearly is my passion, I was awarded the Activities Supervisor. I will be overseeing all the daily fun activities and making sure you are having fun too (but I'm still going to tell people I'm the CEO!!!!!

Amber – "The Investor"

Well I guess I'm the bank, or the slave, or perhaps, the "not bright" parent, lol. Just kidding. I love my dogs and all of your dogs too. I wanted to be a veterinarian my whole life but then when I became a teenager, I realized, unfortunately, most vets see animals that are hurt, injured, sick, and even the unthinkable, being put down and I didn't know if I would enjoy that. Back in 1997, you didn't hear about doggy daycares so life took me into a much different direction. I ended up being a bookkeeper and office manager in the corporate world for many years before I decided to open my own business. Since 2007, I have been a small business owner in a city about 10 minutes north of Boston, Massachusetts (one business being the dog industry, the other health and wellness industry). I found my passion came full circle and now I can work with dogs everyday again. I recently moved to New Hampshire (because my boyfriend is very smart and wanted me to live with him, lol) and I decided to relocate the business and change the concept as well. A commute to Boston everyday is very difficult, but I'm sure many of you can relate. Although starting over will be a challenge and I'm extremely sad and miss my Massachusetts fur customers (OK their human owners too!), I hope to make new friends and new relationships with you are your fur companion(s). I'm clearly not as funny as my 3 fur-kids, but I'm hoping I can make you giggle here and there. Oh and for the record, I'm the CEO!!!!!